Join the lobby! Halesowen College 7/1/13

On Monday 7th 2013, three further UCU members will be in hearings as a part of the ongoing disciplinary of Halesowen College’s Maths department.  After the dismissal of Dave Muritu, it is important that we show our support and show that a further injustice must not take place!  Join us as we lobby Halesowen College on Monday at 7.45am in order to let everyone know that we won’t accept Dave’s dismissal and we won’t accept any further disciplinary action against the Halesowen 4!

What can you do?

  • Come to the lobby at Halesowen College, Whittingham Road, Halesowen, B63 3NA at 7.45am on Monday 7th January and bring something to make some noise!  We’ll be making a racket and giving out leaflets to highlight precisely why we’re there.
  • Circulate the leaflet as much as you can:
  • Join the e-lobby if you can’t attend: As of 8am Monday, we’re asking people to tweet Halesowen College to show your support.  You don’t have to be on site to help us- simply tweet messages explaining why you support the lobby to @halesowencoll with the hashtag #justiceforthehalesowen4.
  • Read the previous post about other ways to show support: sign the petition, write e-mails, get others involved.  The support is growing locally and nationally, so be a part of this important campaign!


  1. Kirstie Paton · · Reply

    I will be there and we are doing our best to spread the word about this outrageous attack on teachers and trade unionists. It is vital that the college management feel the fullest pressure from the trade union movement that we will fight such blatent victimisation with collective action.

  2. Pat Doyle · · Reply

    About time this college got sorted out at the top level and left the staff to do their jobs with the support they deserve!!

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